The joint venture - a unique way of creating brilliantly original podcasts
Business partners from the start - motivated to share in your success
By your side through the whole journey - with you every step of the way
You bring your words, ideas, and audience.
We take care of the rest.
Make your voice heard on the global stage - helping you grow your impact
Grow your personal brand, create a revenue stream, learn… and have fun!
Podcast Partners

You present your podcast. We do everything else.

Podcast production

You don’t have to organise content, or worry about anything technical. Simply chat away with your guests while we take care of the nuts and bolts.

Growing the audience & impact

We’re experts in podcast branding, launch PR, social media and audience growth. Your new show will sound - and look - amongst the most professional in the podcast world.

Sharing the financial success

This is the truly exciting part. We procure an innovative combination of advertising, sponsorship, live events and affinity partnerships - so that your podcast will earn real revenue.

We get your podcast on all major platforms:

Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music

What we do

Podcast production

Research & development

We help you define and understand your target audience and hone your idea into a unique proposition; our team can advise on the podcast name, format, frequency and episode length.


We will write intro and outro scripts so that you are pitch perfect - ensuring each episode reflects your authentic tone, and your values. We also provide briefing notes, talking points, and key facts to assist with any discussion.

Presenter coaching and feedback

If you would like presentation training and/or voice coaching before you begin the journey, we can help every step of the way. We will also give you ongoing constructive yet candid feedback on your presenting style - so that you will grow in confidence and continuously improve.

Audio recording and branding

Your podcast will sound exactly like a high-quality radio programme. We handle the recording - beautifully crafting the mix, edit, and mastering of each episode - so your listeners get the highest quality audio experience on a consistent basis. And we take care of the audio branding, too - so that your podcast has a recognisable theme and soundscape.

Audio edit - and platform upload

Anything mis-spoken, as well as coughs, long pauses, and background noises are edited out. Additionally, we can take care of hosting your podcast and distributing it to major platforms where it can reach millions of potential listeners.

Branding and marketing

Visual branding & website

A successful podcast must not only sound good, but look good, too. We create a wholly unique visual ‘look and feel’ so your podcast stands out amidst a sea of other logos vying for attention.

Launch PR

Once the podcast is launched, it’s time to get it some massive attention! We take care of all the launch publicity, and ensure that the show is heavily featured in lists of ‘new and noteworthy’ shows on major platforms.


Today’s media landscape offers loads of specialised ways to effectively promote your podcast - and we are masters of making podcasts stand out and grab listeners’ attention.

Social Media

We take care of all social media promotion. We also create a dedicated website with unique URL addresses for each episode - ensuring your guests can easily promote their appearances on your show - and bring their own audiences, too! We can even draft social media content for you to share, designed for you to post with just a single click.

Branding and marketing



Adverts remain the most tried-and-true way to deliver revenue. Whether it’s pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll, if you have no objection to an advertiser, and your podcast is a good ‘fit’ for them and your listeners… then it’s time to say on air, “We’ll be right back after this!”


Sponsors present a preferred path to building long-term revenue. A sponsor could put their name to your whole website, a special group of episodes, or even an entire season. They could place banner advertising on specific web pages or mentions in the description. Or, you could promote a product with a special discount code, which also pays you a commission.

Affinity partnerships & live events

The more niche and targeted your audience is, the more attractive your podcast will become for someone to ‘partner’ with in the long term. Many partners want ‘quality’ and not ‘quantity’ of listeners. If you are selling loaves of bread, for example, you want millions of listeners - as only 2% of the audience might buy your loaf. But, if you are selling specialist health products, then you want to be working with a specialist health podcast with many thousands of listeners - as every single listener is a potential customer. And partners can pay you to put on live events too, covering the production costs and letting you keep all the revenue.

Sale of the intellectual property

Believe us, it happens! Your podcast could be turned into a TV show, or be bought by a commercial radio station, or be paid a royalty fee if it’s broadcast on their network. Some podcasts have even become mobile phone apps - with customers paying hard cash to download them.

Designed for busy people

Average time invested per episode: One hour

The only thing you need to do is… present the podcast!

Enjoy the best parts of the creation process - the people, the stories, the laughter, the emotion. We’ll deal with the rest.

You have the choice of being as involved as you want. Want to be consulted on each decision? Sure thing. Want to leave it entirely with us? Not a problem.

The Finances

Podcast platforms
Podcast platforms

This is the truly innovative part of our process. We jointly own the podcast with you, and share the revenue and ownership 50-50. All of our time and effort is provided on the basis that we will equally share the proceeds - so we won’t be charging you a penny, at any time, for anything. For obvious reasons, this means we’re strongly motivated to make your podcast a success.

Your obligation is to present the podcast and help share awareness of each episode on your social media. We take care of everything else.

It’s your name on the podcast though, so you will be editor-in-chief - and always have ultimate power of veto over all editorial or commercial decisions. You won’t ever have to do anything you are not comfortable with.

We have to invest a great deal of time and resources at the start of the project to get it off the ground, and we are vulnerable to make a significant loss if you decide to walk away from the project before it has had a chance to fulfil its potential. We ask therefore that those we partner with place a wholly refundable security bond with us at the outset.

Depending on the size of your existing profile, this is likely to be between £5k-£20k. This is entirely repaid from 100% of the first tranche of any funds generated from the project.

Only when the security bond has been totally refunded does the remaining revenue start to be divided equally. Any future revenue would then be split 50-50 in perpetuity, including any amount for an agreed sale of the podcast itself.

Our podcasts

Mooch FM

Hosted by founder of SkyBridge Capital and former White House Communications Director, Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci, each week Mooch FM features the biggest names in politics, business, media, and beyond to discuss the major issues and break down what’s going on in the US and around the world. Previous guests include New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Stephanie Ruhle, Piers Morgan, Stephanie Kelton, Liz Claman, and Joe Scarborough.

Wright on the Nail

Each week, music industry entrepreneur Chris Wright is joined by those in-the-know to discuss politics, media, business and a whole lot more. Episodes alternate between a ‘deep dive’ which gathers experts on a particular topic, and a ‘news roundtable’ that tackles the most pressing issues in the headlines with big-name journalists and decision-makers. Guests range from songwriter, producer and Ultravox frontman Midge Ure to Alastair Campbell, best known as Tony Blair’s chief spokesman and strategist.

Media Masters

Media Masters takes listeners behind the scenes of the media and into the minds of the people at the top of the game. Right Angles CEO Paul Blanchard sits down each week for an extended one-to-one interview with figures from the worlds of journalism, publishing, TV, radio, politics, PR, and even the glitzy corridors of Hollywood. The series takes you through the highs, the lows, and the lessons learned by some of the most interesting characters working in media today. Previous episodes include famous faces such as Rick Wilson, Sir David Omand and Errin Haines.

Business Leaders

Building on the success of Media Masters, Paul’s conversations with senior leaders outside the media industry now have a new home, Business Leaders. Paul’s guests share their insights and the secrets of their success: from how they got started to how they faced down the major challenges of their careers.

Rebuilding the American Dream

Wade Eyerly and Dennis Murashko co-host a weekly podcast introducing thought leaders in the education space who are directly involved in shaping the lives of the next generation. They have in-depth conversations with some of the leading minds in their field who are rising to the unique challenges American higher education faces today, and how it must adapt to give students a strong foundation for their futures - and rebuild the American Dream...

The RHODcasts

Renowned BBC journalist Rhod Sharp, who presented ‘Up All Night’ on Radio 5 Live’ for 25 years, talks to a wide variety of guests that reflect his eclectic interests - from politics to entertainment. Previous episodes have featured Patt Morrison, Ethan Zuckerman, and U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton. A Scot now based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Rhod sheds light on current affairs, with a special focus on the impact they are having on creative industries.

Heroes of Disruption

A compelling series of conversations with disruptive thinkers, the podcast has a strong focus on talking to people who break the mold. Hosted by successful serial entrepreneur Ross Sklar, each episode explores business trends and what drives business innovation. A seasoned entrepreneur who has built the businesses by focusing on solving large technical challenges through product innovation that provides significant value to society. Ross seeks to share the insight from remarkable individuals.

In Your Hands

Healthcare pioneer and entrepreneur Kevin Lamb hosts a series of conversations with leading minds in healthcare including Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Dr. Desmond Bell and Dr. John Capotorto. Building on 35 years of experience, Kevin’s conversations are known for originality, compassion care, and a perspective that always puts the patient first.

ProQuo Provokes

ProQuo Provokes is a series of one-on-one interviews with the leaders of brands who are taking on the well-established Goliaths in their industries. Hosted by ProQuo AI Founder & CEO Nadim Sadek, each episode explores how businesses with fresh ideas are disrupting industries and challenging the established players. Recent guests include Jason Trost, Founder & CEO of Smarkets, and Juliette Scott-Croxford, CEO of Worth Media.

Aspen UK

A spinoff of the Aspen Institute, Aspen UK hosts weekly conversations with an illustrious line-up of speakers. Covering topics such as climate change, feminism, ethics, disinformation and diplomacy with a diverse community of leaders committed to the greater good - whilst hoping to inspire people to contribute to making a positive difference in their society. Previous guests include Madeleine Albright, Sir John Sawers, Michael Eisner, and Marcus Brigstocke.

Who's The Best?

Sandro Monetti hosts this witty celebration of all things pop culture. His podcast pits Kirk against Picard, David Tennant against Jodie Whittaker and Jasmine against Pocahontas. Each episode features a panel of experts, fans, and even the pop icons themselves as Sandro moderates the debate. A true Hollywood insider, Sandro is a film executive at Big Screen Entertainment Group and makes regular appearances on CNN, the BBC and Bravo TV.

New Scientist

New Scientist is the world’s most popular weekly science and technology magazine. Podcast Partners is proud to have created two separate podcasts with this magazine, dedicated to disseminating scientific knowledge and informed, intellectual debate. New Scientist Weekly covers everything from extraterrestrial life to the Covid vaccine while The Big Interview picks some of the greatest scientific minds working in the labs and out in the field today.

Social Mobility

Hosted by Tunde Banjoko OBE, Social Mobility Pod is a series of discussions with individuals who advocate for, work within, or represent social mobility. By having an open conversation about the ongoing problem, listeners will have an informed understanding of the issues involved - and be inspired to make a difference. This podcast is an offshoot of Making The Leap, a charity dedicated to helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Past guests have included Sir Kenneth Olisa, the first Black Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London and MP Justine Greening.

Live Long and Master Aging

In a series of one-to-one interviews, this podcast hacks the aging process. Host Peter Bowes interviews world-renowned scientists, thinkers and biohackers, all of whom have a common goal: figuring out how we can live longer and healthier. Past guests range from physician and writer David Katz to Charlie’s Angel Cheryl Ladd. The LLAMA philosophy is that there is much we can do to extend our natural healthspan and the length of time when we enjoy optimal health.

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Meet the team

Paul Blanchard
Chairman and Founder

Paul started his first business aged 17, and has never looked back. For over 20 years, he has been a media and reputation consigliere for global leaders. He presents the “Media Masters” and “Business Leaders” podcasts, and is author of the best-selling book “Fast PR”.

Claire Booth
EA to Chairman

For the better part of the past decade, Claire has been coordinating with Paul and the team, ensuring Podcast Partners runs smoothly. She has been scheduling and arranging ‘Media Masters’ and ‘Business Leaders’ since 2017.

Stephen Canning
Podcast Producer

Stephen has over a dozen years’ experience in communications including for a big four consulting firm, McDonalds and leading politicians, CEOs and businesses across the UK, USA, Malaysia, and Africa.

Holly Duncan-Quinn
Podcast Producer

In her capacity as Podcast Producer, Holly oversees the process of developing the series, recording, and editing. She supports the host throughout. Holly studied economics at university with a particular interest in Fintech. Throughout her studies, she was also an intern in the House of Commons.

Oz Koca
Head of Video Production

After completing a BA in TV and Film Production, Oz has worked on a number of productions all over the world.

Anders Lagerstedt
Head of Design

Initially teaching himself Photoshop back in 1999, Anders went on to achieve a BA in Web Design. He is the creative visual lead for all of our podcasts and works to give each individual brand and website a distinctive look and feel.

Sandro Monetti
Producer, Los Angeles Office

A multi-award winning journalist, Sandro is often seen offering opinions on CNN and the BBC as a media expert. Sandro has also written two bestselling books and a sell-out play, and is based in Los Angeles.

Chris Paston
Search Engine Specialist

With close to two decades of experience in search engine marketing, Chris looks after SEO and online marketing for Podcast Partners, working to enhance clients’ websites search engine ranking and increase podcast listens.

Cara Sheffler
Chief Writer

Cara is a New York-based writer, translator, and occasional brand strategist. Together with Podcast Partners, she works to generate creative content as well as editorial work to run alongside the podcasts themselves. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian and VICE and her most recent book is available in the Gagosian Shop.

Katie Smyth
Podcast Producer

Katie works on the build-up to each podcast, researching for brilliant guests and ensuring the latest news stories are included and up-to-date. She also works to manage and grow podcasts’ social media presences on a variety of platforms. Katie has a degree in history, and has just finished her term as President of Newcastle Students’ Union.

Hayley Woodward
Podcast Producer

Hayley works to set up and oversee podcasts’ stages of production, to develop original content, and to secure innovative and entertaining guests. She is a print journalism graduate, who reported for Notts TV whilst completing her masters in broadcast journalism.

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